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Trusted Recommendations

As with most things, recommendations are only plausible when suggested by people or companies who have no vested interest in the recommendation provided and who have personal experience and knowledge of the quality of work carried out. The majority of our work is generated through word of mouth, this is usually from the clients who have used us during the process of buying and selling property and have then passed our details on to friends and family. The general feedback is that all of our clients have been happy with the service, reports and advice received.

Recommended Suppliers

In our reports, where treatment is required, we will include alternative treatments available on the market. The treatments specified in the reports, although widely available, are more often than not based on products manufactured and supplied by Triton Chemicals, Safeguard Europe and Nuaire, due the products being tried and tested by myself. The reason for giving details for a specific product rather than outlining a general product is that we have used and maintained these products so can therefore give a genuine recommendation. As explained above we do not believe that a recommendation can be given based on written or verbal knowledge and therefore any product reference made by us are for products used and tested by ourselves personally. SR Surveyors does not benefit financially or otherwise by recommending or promoting any supplier, the only benefit we do have is the opportunity to learn of new products that are available on the market, which we can then pass on to our clients.

Recommended Damp & Timber Contractors

As an independent surveyor I cannot make personnel recommendations as it may compromise my position.

However there is a list of approved contractors on the pca website which is this will give you information of contractors in your area, who should be able to provide you with a quote based on my report. All contractors listed on the website are assessed by the organisation and should therefore all be reputable companies.

A PCA contractor should not charge for an additional survey when a survey has been carried out by a PCA surveyor, although they are likely to require a site visit for measurement and access purposes etc.

Always use an approved contractor who will be able to provide you with an insurance backed guarantee, subject to cost.


SR Surveyors | Property | Damp | Building Surveyors Huddersfield