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SR Surveyors is an independent surveying company based in West Yorkshire, providing full diagnosis of all damp and timber related problems within your property or better still, peace of mind if your property is free of any damp or timber issues. We have fully qualified damp surveyors and timber surveyors who have been assessed by the PCA and are certified surveyors for both damp and timber inspection and structural water proofing for below ground areas. We are based in Huddersfield and cover all areas throughout Yorkshire and Lancashire, although we are available to travel nationwide under certain circumstances – please see services page for further details.

When buying a new property, a full damp and timber survey should always be sought, as any hidden damp or timber infestations could cause detrimental problems to the property and become very expensive to treat, if left. When selling a property a survey will prepare you for any findings from a homebuyers survey or prevent buyers from being put off by having any defects rectified.

For home owners it is a good idea to have a survey carried out during/prior to carrying out any refurbishment works, as enclosed areas (such as plaster boards, wall panelling or floor coverings) can be opened up for a more in depth inspection; saving you from having to refurb twice if problems arise in future.

We are also available for property developers involved in commercial property and recommend that a full survey is carried out prior to purchase as repairs can be costly especially if dry rot is present. We have recently carried out a full damp and timber survey at a large public house in the centre of the town, the property comprised of a large cellar, bar area and two storeys for domestic dwelling use – following the survey our findings uncovered various issues which amounted to over £100,000 worth of work – the property could not be developed without these works being carried out and therefore our survey had a major impact on the planning stage and ultimately prepared our client, saving them a lot of money in the long run. Please see services and fees page for more information about damp and timber surveys to commercial property.

Damp or timber infestation can occur at any time due to physical and environmental changes. For instance if a property has had a damp proof course installed and then at a later stage has a driveway, pathway or garden walls added externally, the change in levels may cause the dpc to become breached causing the damp proofing to become ineffective, other types of damp proofing can break down over time such as bitumous dpc and membranes can fail if punctured/torn.

Rot causing spores exist in the air and can only thrive when there is a source of food (different types of rot affect different types of timber). Rot and beetle infestation occurs when environmental conditions allow – this can be altered by changes in temperature, amount of airflow and moisture content.

We differ to other companies in this sector, as unlike other surveyors we will provide you with further advice if needed, regarding different types of remedial treatments available to treat any problems indentified during a survey, as well as our personal recommendations and bracket of expected cost.

Whilst we are a freelance surveying company and are happy for you to pass on the property specific reports to a remedial company of your choice, please be aware that any company that carries out any remedial work for you should be registered with the PCA.

SR Surveyors are regulated by the Property Care Association (PCA, formerly BWPDA). Our surveyor is qualified to CSRT and CSSW.

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SR Surveyors | Property | Damp | Building Surveyors Huddersfield